December 19, 2011



Frisbee Golfing- November 2010


Katie said...

you must have been in a hurry, what the heck is that thing you guys are riding on? Also I love those crawling pictures. p.s. Jeremy's home all week and next week so I probably won't call too much, but I can try to get on and say merry christmas. In case I don't Merry Christmas. I've also been spending all my time making a dang castle cake. Anyways talk to you soon.

BjaminWood said...

Seriously, what are those weird bike things?

Leah Aston said...

:) They look cooler than they are. They're these fitness track bikes that they have at some parks but you pump and pump and yet still move so slow. I always wanted to ride one and found it a bit disappointing.