September 21, 2011

Cornflake Sisters - Moonlight Ladies - Best Friends!

The Katies and Liz. 3 of my best friends. I used to do everything with them. Now we live too far apart for that luxury. But last summer we were able to be reunited once again as we went and visited Katie (Cragun) Flaherty in Virgina.

Here is a picture of Jaren happy as a clam lying on the airport floor, and then happy again on Katie's floor. Oh my heavens what an angel baby to fly with. I was quite proud of myself for managing so many flights on my own, though luckily on the way home I got to fly with Lizzy Hardman and Katie (Bailey) Rogers. Someone sitting next to me on the flight said that he was the happiest baby they had ever seen.

Katie and Kevin and their boys. Poor little Brent would freak out when Katie would hold Jaren. I think he had a little jealousy issue with Jaren at first. I wish we could have gotten a picture of that. :}

These girls always make me laugh.

We went to the Smithsonian, shopping, out to eat, to the pool and just hung around the house together. What a great trip!

I cannot even begin to explain what a huge influence and blessing these women have been in my life. I love them dearly and am so grateful for them. One day we'll have our adjacent houses with a joining courtyard. That is the dream! If only Utah, Virginia and Queensland were all one place that could happen a whole lot sooner!

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Felicity said...

I thought the plan was to have a large 'aston estate' where we live a self sustainable life in the bush with just astons.......hahahahahaha! Now that dear sister is the "dream" ;)