September 22, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ball Game (July '10)

When I was little little - my Aunt Robin gave me a key chain that when you pushed it would play the song Take me out to the ball game. I would push it all the time. In fact I think I still had it when I packed up all my stuff to move to Australia. I'm a sentimentalist. In saying that I'm not a real big fan of baseball. However two games stand out in my memory as my favorite baseball experiences and truly were so much fun. 1- In New York when I saw a game in the old Yankee Stadium with my parents a few years ago and 2- When someone gave my dad Box seats last summer for a Buzz Game in Ogden. Two totally different venues, but both the thrill of the ol' home game. 

Also- last summer my sister Mandie got called to help with the Youth Spectacular and we went to support her and the youth of the stake. Here are the pictures of us melting away at the WSU stadium. (And some pictures of Jaren because he's just so dang cute!)

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Felicity said...

oh he is so dang cute!!!! And I've never seen a baseball game, ever (except in a movies :) maybe next time we're in the states we'll have to go to one :)!!!