September 27, 2011

Redcliffe Pelicans and Shipwrecks - Aug '10

YAY - So I've made it up to August in my blogging timeline. Well August of last year that is, but still it's progress. It looks like I'll be able to do the whole month in a few posts. (I know "be concise" you may say, but...that's not really one of my strong points, nor a goal for this blog, so bear with me.)

So Varian planned a fun outing at Redcliff to see a daily pelican feeding, an art museum, lunch and shipwrecks they have placed on the beach to prevent erosion. I think he knew I would be especially homesick after leaving the states and he was right, and he was right to know fun activities help distract me and make me appreciate the beautiful things Australia has to offer.

Hmm, I think Varian looks so atractive in this shot. What a stud I married! :)

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