September 20, 2011

Goodbye Ogden Temple!

I'm so far behind in catching up so I'll resist the temptation to hunt down all of the pictures of the Ogden Temple that have been significant in my life and just include some that I took last July when I was home visiting.

Oh my dear Ogden temple. This is the temple where my parents were sealed. This is the temple that I would drive by regularly growing up and knew that one day I'd be able to go inside. This is the temple where I first and most often went to do baptisms for the dead with mutual groups. This is the temple that I first received my endowments out on June 8, 1999. What a wonderful experience that was for me.

This is the temple where for years before my mission I would go (almost) every week to do an ordinance and bask in the blessings of that wonderful place. This is the temple that I would often go and sit on the grounds and write in my journal or read my scriptures just to get a peaceful place to reflect and pray and have some quiet time.

This is the temple where I would go and sit in the Celestial room for hours basking in the beauty of the spirit and sparkly chandelier (Okay, I do that at every temple, but at this temple the most). This is the temple where I received so many answers to prayers and personal revelation. This is the temple that I could see if I stood in the middle of the street outside my first home on Cahoon Street. This is the temple where I was sealed to Varian for time and all eternity. This is my home temple.

Why are they tearing you down? It breaks my heart. I know that change can be good (for those of you who don't know they are building a new temple here in it's place) but change is still change and change is often hard. I'm so grateful I got to visit you one last time. Goodbye my dear Ogden Temple.

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