September 15, 2011

Wood Family Fun- Last July

Every Saturday (almost) we would have "Wood Family Fun" where we'd go catch a matinee and out to lunch. Sometimes that would vary from picnics or hikes or other celebrations. Here are some of the pictures of Wood Family Fun days from my trip last year. That is a picture of Jaren at the movies with us. He saw many movies that trip, and luckily was young enough to sit there a whole two hours. Usually he'd just eat or sleep. Once I had to take him out for crying, and once for a dirty diaper but otherwise he was right there with me having a movie party. Good baby!

Hanging out with the fam at the Roy pool complex and Jake and Becca's house.



Below is the lovely house I grew up in - ah what a beautiful place to grow up- a spontaneous family BBQ and croquet match.

I realize both of their eyes are closed in this photo but they just look so darn happy. In croquet I got to hit my ball twice since I was playing for two....hmm...I can't remember if we won or not. But there's something wonderful about playing croquet in the cool of a summer's evening. I love it! 

Maybe I will be repeating this a lot during my catch up posts - but this has already gotten way too big so I'll save the rest for the next post. Also can I say how this blogger program is driving me CRAZY!!! Aren't there enough smart tech-ies out there that blogspot can use to make this more user friendly and common sense. I have too many photos to just want to put one picture down the center but when I try and put even two next to each other you wouldn't believe what a nightmare it is. The pictures and words go all over the place. I have such small windows to work on this blog and I'm wasting WAY too much time just trying to get the layout to not look ridiculous. To help you know what I mean I'll STOP trying to make it so there's not a huge gap in the photos above. Why is it there, what is it doing? ARGH!!!!! FRUSTRATION!!!!!

Okay I feel a little better after venting but seriously this is driving me nutty nuts. It's constantly putting photos and text in places where I don't want it and haven't put it. It deletes photos, it moves others around in strange places. Why?!?!?!?!? I think one problem is the draft area is smaller than the blog layout I've chosen so things never quite match up. Doesn't anyone else find this incredibly annoying? Do I just need to resort to doing a skinny text - one pic at a time blog? That's not ideal for me because I like lots of text and lots of photos. Sigh. So sorry to end on a yell, but any tips for how to make it a lay out that you want, without just having one photo down the center?


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