September 14, 2011

Friends - Last July


In catching up chronologically, I was posting about my US trip. One fun thing that I got to do was go Kayaking with my dad on Pineview Dam, one of his favorite things to do. It was so beautiful and it was fun to have long Daddy-daughter talks as we paddled around and admired the beauty of the valley!

It was also lovely to catch up with some dear friends. How I wish I could have seen everyone! (Or taken pictures of all the ones I did see.) Here are just a few pictures from some of our gatherings - Varian sadly at this point had flown back home.


Can I say how it breaks my heart a little to have a lot of my girlfriends having babies and being so far away from me. How I would love their in-person support right now as I go through this new and wonderful stage of motherhood. Ugh, I think that's one of the worst things about living in Australia, I feel quite isolated from so many of my loved ones. I am trying to make new friends and am so grateful for them, but oh how I miss the old ones! (As a side note - I sadly did not take pictures of you all when I came home. Sometimes I was just too excited to see you and taking care of Jaren to get all the photos I'd have liked.)

Below are some of my fun and quirky and oh-how-I-miss-them roommates! Hmm in saying that, there definitely is a time and a season for everything. I loved owning my little love-shack on good ol' Cahoon St. but it's really nice to have such a wonderful permanent roommate now! You know if Varian and I had gotten married the first go around I never would have had a lot of the opportunities that I did and many friendships that I made. Everything does work out in the end for our best, doesn't it?!

Before this post gets too ginormous I think I'll end here and keep the other pics and stories for the next posts. Happy Reading.

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Unknown said...

Leah, you have here in your possession some of the most unflattering photos of yours truly. That said, you are lovely and it's great to read your blog. I miss you and wish we could swap motherhood stories more. E-mail soon! -Sunni